Commander Sheriff of the TOMBSTAR XII. Born in the computerized city of Abilene Texas during the Thirtieth Century, Tex grew up idolizing the legends of America's "Old West." A trailblazing adventurer, Tex seeks to pioneer and maintain law-and-order in an otherwise lawless universe while immortalizing his name on the history discs of the future. Relying on his wits, Tex falls short of immortality each adventure.
The altruistic "hip genius" alien pilot from the planet Poneyrue. An expert technician, Z 12 ½ developed the retro-stick-horse, which is the fastest single engine vehicle in the universe. He usually covers for Tex's clumsy attempts at heroism while Tex unwittingly claims all of the credit.
Z 12 ½
The Android bar-maiden/biologist in the Satalong Saloon aboard the Tombstar XII. A synthetic woman built with real biological parts she has a great asset...she was put together well. Xenon runs the Satalong Saloon and maintains the food supply while also maintaining a hankering for Tex's affection.
His name is Maxwell Doctor and he is the ship's astronomer. Unfortunately he has his initials, MD, on all of his shirts so everybody believes that he is the ship's doctor. This adds to his usual cranky disposition as he tries to map out the galaxies without being interrupted for his medical services.